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Sách English For Tourism And Restaurants - Book 1 (Kèm Đĩa MP3)

Barcode: 9786045846872

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Công ty phát hành: Cty Nhân Trí Việt
Nhà xuất bản: NXB Tổng Hợp TP.HCM
Tác giả: Nhiều tác giả
Loại bìa: Bìa Mềm
Số trang: 220
Năm xuất bản: -201

English For Tourism And Restaurants - Book 1 English for Tourism and Restaurants is specially written for those who want to enter the tourism industry or the restaurant industry. As an employee, you should speak and behave in a very polite way. By studying this book, you will improve your English for these professional fields. This book will help you: - Get familiar with the tourism and restaurant industries through over 100 dialogs about various kinds of situations. - Learn the essential grammar through simple sentences and clear charts. - Enrich your vocabulary by studying the 'Words and Phrases,' 'Word Power,' and 'Phrase Focus' sections. - Strengthen your listening comprehension by doing lots of listening training. - Improve your speaking skills by frequently doing the Pair Work. - Deepen your understanding of English for the service industry by doing the large number of exercises. - Understand certain English items by referring to a great number of colorful pictures. CONTENTS 1. Pronunciation and Intonation 2. Greetings and Self-Introduction 3. Cardinal Numbers 4. Cardinal Numbers and Ordinal Numbers 5. Offering Apologies 6. Offering Polite Refusals and Saying Thanks 7. Expressions of Time 8. Expressions of Dates Review Test: Lesson 1-8 9. Giving Locations Inside a Building 10. Giving Directions in a City 11. Giving Information About the Weather: Four Seasons 12. Giving Information About the Weather: Bad Weather Conditions 13. Front Desk: Booking Rooms 14. Front Desk: Checking In 15. Front Desk: Mail, Faxes, and Internet Service 16. Front Desk: Depositing Items; Lost and Found Review Test: Lesson 9-16 17. Front Desk: Morning Calls and Laundry Service 18. Front Desk: Transportation Services 19. Housekeeping: Supplying Medicine 20. Room Service: Supplying Items 21. Elevator Service 22. Taking Phone Calls 23. Front Desk: Messages 24. Making International Phone Calls 25. Receiving Guests in a Restaurant: Welcoming and Seating the Guests 26. Receiving Guests in a Restaurant: Asking the Guests to Wait or Share a Table 27. Room Service: Taking Orders for Drinks and Breakfast Review Test: Lesson 19-27 28. Room Service: Taking Orders for Lunch and Dinner 29. Room Service: Explaining an Order and Delivering a Meal to a Room 30. Preparing Vegetables 31. Preparing Salad and Vegetables 32. Preparing and Cooking Meat (1) 33. Preparing and Cooking Meat (2) 34. Learning About a Menu (1) 35. Learning About a Menu (2) 36. Learning About a Menu (3) Review Test: Lesson 28-36.
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